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Ho Ching shares post defending Chan Chun Sing

Madam Ho shared a post on Jan 13 which spoke about how some Singaporeans don't realise that Ministers like Mr Chan bear the heavy responsibility of ensuring that Singaporeans have food




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Singapore—On her Facebook page Madam Ho Ching showed support for Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing, not only once, but twice.

Part of Mr Chan’s job is ensuring Singapore’s supply of food and essentials as part of his job.

Mdm Ho, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Temasek Holdings as well as the wife of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, shared a post about Mr Chan on Wednesday (Jan 13) from the Singapore Matters Facebook page.

The post was written in defence of the Minister, who has at times come under criticism, especially online.

“Some Singaporeans don’t realise that Ministers like Chan Chun Sing bear the heavy responsibility of ensuring that Singaporeans have food to fill their stomach. So they make jokes whenever he shared photos of delivery of eggs or essential items,” it read.

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In June of last year, Mr Chan called the first egg shipment from Poland a “significant milestone” as well as an “important deliverable.”

However, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has threatened the country’s supply chains of food and other essentials, the Minister said recently, with additional restrictions imposed upon Malaysia, as well as the State of Emergency declared on Tuesday (Jan 12), thrown into the mix.

Singapore Matters shared Mr Chan’s answers to the media, which he posted on Facebook, during his trip to chemicals company DuPont Singapore on Wednesday (Jan 13), when he was asked to comment on the impact of the recent events in Malaysia on Singapore’s supply chains.

Mdm Ho did not only share Singapore Matter’s post that contained Mr Chan’s post in full, but five hours later, she shared Mr Chan’s post by itself again.

The minister wrote in his post that, through the course of the pandemic, “we always have to prepare for potential disruptions to our supplies and supply chains”.

Mr Chan said Singapore is in contact with Malaysia on the latest restrictions there to prevent the spread of the virus further and that both countries are “committed to working closely together to maintain the integrity and interdependence of our bilateral supply lines”.

He added that, “over the last two days, there have been no disruptions to our supply chains and goods have continued to flow freely between our countries”.

“As the pandemic continues, it is important that we all remain vigilant,” he said.

Mr Chan gave the assurance that the country’s supply chains are continually being diversified and strengthened. “We are quietly confident but not complacent. I also thank Singaporeans for staying calm and adaptable amidst the evolving situation which has allowed us to better mitigate potential disruptions and stay resilient.”


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