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Guy shouts in bus asking two men to wear their masks, tells one to ‘get out’

The incident which was captured on video drew a mixed response, with some suggesting that there should be enforcement officers on the bus




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Singapore – A video of a man getting triggered at some passengers for not wearing a mask and forcing them to get off the bus is circulating online.

On Sunday (Jan 3), Facebook page ROADS.sg uploaded a video of an incident caught on camera in a double-decker bus. The caption reads, “Wearing of mask in public transport is mandatory. Guy tells two guys to wear their mask, and this happens.”

The video began with a man in a striped shirt shouting at another man in a pale blue shirt. As the latter tried explaining, the man in a striped shirt told him to “shut up and go down (sic)” from the bus.

“Who do you think you are?” asked the man in a pale blue shirt.

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The other replied, “Either your shut your mouth or get off the bus.” By this time, the bus captain appears by the steps, and the man explains to him, “These two guys don’t wear a mask, talk behind.”

The man in a pale blue shirt also tries sharing his side of the story, commenting, “This person kaypoh,” while pointing at the other man. “What kaypoh?” asked the guy getting angrier.

The video, with over 56,000 views, garnered mixed responses from the online community. Many were concerned over the safety of the other passengers in such circumstances. Facebook user Michael Lau commented, “LTA (Land Transport Authority) should hire a bouncer for each bus to protect the captain and passengers.” Another mentioned that this was a possible job creation opportunity – to put safe distancing enforcers on every bus.

Meanwhile, others wondered why the man in the striped shirt didn’t wear his mask correctly at the beginning of the video when he was shouting.

Still, netizens pointed out that the man wasn’t wrong for highlighting the alleged violation of the law. “During this period, everyone got (sic) the right to advise each other to put on their mask properly,” noted Facebook user Thomas Chuy. He added that the man just approached it in the wrong way. “Shouting louder doesn’t mean you win or are right. People need respect,” said one Kelvin Ho.

It was also highlighted among the comments that it was common to see passengers at the upper deck of buses not wearing masks. “The bus should have CCTV. From the CCTV footage, if the two persons never wear a mask, please fine them,” urged Facebook user Sherman Page.

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