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Goh Meng Seng: Second batch of “better and tested” Govt face masks not breathable

"No wonder I see so many people wearing this mask with their nostrils showing!", says opposition politician




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Singapore — The second batch of Government face masks which were “supposed(ly) better and reportedly tested” are not breathable, according to opposition People’s Power Party founder Goh Meng Seng.

As part of the assistance the Government has given Singaporeans during the Covid-19 crisis, face mask distributions were launched in the beginning of April, wherein residents could claim masks provided by the Government.

In response to this, however, was a mixed response over the efficacy of the masks as netizens shared their evaluations. Some questioned the usefulness of cotton masks in protecting against potential virus-containing droplets as opposed to other kinds of masks,  such as surgical masks and N95 masks, which got a much higher score on the protection efficiency scale against viruses.

Following this, at the end of May, Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing announced that improved reusable masks could be claimed, making for the second round of the Government’s face mask initiative.

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“The reusable masks are a result of our efforts to continue to build up and improve their quality for Singaporeans,” said Mr Chan. “They were researched, developed and produced by our partners including Ramatex, A*STAR, Ghim Li and Nanyang Technological University.”

In a recent Facebook post, however, opposition politician Goh Meng Seng shared his evaluation of the second batch of masks, and noted that despite the “commendable” initiative of the People’s Action Party, “both reusable masks they have given out have failed badly for comfort or practical use”.

Mr Goh first shared his issues with the first batch of masks, saying they were “too small, too cheapskate … its dye could even drop off when put to wash.”
He then moved on to the second batch of masks and said: “The second one is supposed to be better and it reportedly tested by our ASTAR scientists for splash test, bacteria filtration test … etc.,” before concluding the common problem of both masks. According to Mr Goh, they both failed the “breathability test”.
“I tried it on but I could hardly breath(e). No wonder I see so many people wearing this mask with their nostrils showing! They just didn’t want to cover their nose simply because they can’t breath(e) through it easily!” said Mr Goh. “Furthermore, it felt extremely warm after wearing it for a while. It might be due to the black colouring and the overly thick material it uses.”
In conclusion, Mr Goh expressed disappointment with the masks: “Sad. They couldn’t get it right for such (a) simple thing.” /TISG

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