Entertainment Arts Girls' night out for and after respective break-ups

Girls’ night out for Grace Chow and Gillian Chung after respective break-ups

It was reported that both women are very close friends. They would wear matching outfits, get manicures together and they even have similar online usernames.




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It has been months since their respective breakups and now Hong Kong celebrity and Chinese influencer had an unexpected hangout session on August 8. 31-year-old Grace uploaded a photo on Weibo of 39-year-old Gillian hugging her from behind in a KTV room. She captioned the image, asking if Gillian missed her because Grace missed her. Fans were unaware that these two newly-single ladies to be so close and some did not even know that they were pals.

Netizens wondered what Grace and Gillian talked about throughout the night and whether they sang songs about heartbreak. It was reported that both women are very close friends. They would wear matching outfits, get manicures together and they even have similar online usernames. When Grace and Taiwanese star were dating, he would send clothes as gifts to Gillian. When Gillian and Michael got married, she introduced him to Grace.

In April this year, Grace broke up with after dating him for nine years. She accused him of cheating on her and she exposed him of his affairs. Grace leaked the news online and it impacted Luo’s career.

Gillian and Grace wear matching outfits. Picture: 8days.sg

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Phrases such as ‘inappropriate relationships’, ‘one-night stand’ and ‘multi-player sports’ were used to describe Luo’s philandering ways. Fans started to ask that the star be withdrawn from popular variety shows Go Fighting! and Produce Camp 2020.

Followers threatened to avoid the programme if no changes were made to the lineup. Luo is a mentor on Produce Camp 2020 and the reality TV contest includes young female contestants that can be capitalised. Luo, 40 have been in self-quarantine upon landing in China at that time and he missed the filming for both Go Fighting! and Produce Camp 2020.

In May, Gillian and her husband, Taiwanese-American cosmetologist shared that the couple has filed for divorce after less than two years of marriage. The cosmetologist told the media over a call that he did not love her anymore. Dr Lai said that Chung told him that she had regretted marrying him not long after their wedding in 2018. The Twins singer repeatedly asked him for a divorce.

He consented to Chung after she brought up the issue again when he flew to Malaysia in February to meet her while she was filming a TV show. The couple knew each other for only four months before they tied the knot. /TISGFollow us on Social Media

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