Entertainment Celebrity singer, is now slim and trim

Gangnam Style singer, Psy is now slim and trim

Fans commented on his , pointing out how different he looked from his Gangnam Style days




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Seoul — , the  hitmaker just unveiled his ‘great’ new look, stunning fans with his dramatic . The singer, whose real name is Park Jae-sang flaunted his signature flamboyant dance moves in a recent Instagram video, dancing along to a new song by Hyuna, a singer signed to his agency P Nation.

Psy, 43 captioned the video as ‘Love promoting my artist this way’ and in the video, the K-pop idol could be seen dancing to Hyuna’s track which is called I’m Not Cool. 

Psy’s 1.4 million Instagram followers were not just keen on Psy’s on-screen sashaying, they noticed that he looked thinner as well. His fans commented on his weight loss, pointing out how different he looked from his Gangnam Style  days, as reported by Ladbible on February 4. A fan wrote that he looks great. However, others expressed their concern including Hyuna who said that he had lost weight and asked him to take care saying that his fans would be sad.

Another concerned fan asked why is Psy so ‘tiny’ now, if he was okay and that the fan hopes that Psy is always healthy. The singer addressed some of the weight-related comments, saying that he was sorry and that he will manage his weight. K-pop idol Psy is best known for his 2012 hit Gangnam Style, having made his way onto wedding dance floors around the world with his signature moves.

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Psy’s Gangnam Style garnered 1 billion views on YouTube. Picture: YouTube

The track was so popular that it was even the first-ever video to hit one billion views on YouTube. Psy shared with Billboard in 2017 that he reflected on the track and how it became such a huge hit.

At that time he did not have any international fans yet and he did not expect anything global. He just did what he has done before. He is a Korean singer and whenever he releases an album, the purpose of it is just to make good songs in Korean, and hopefully to make a hit song that people in Korea could enjoy. That meant everything.

Psy added that he still did not know why the track was so special. He said that if he knew why he would make it again and again. Five years on, he still has to talk about Gangnam Style. He added that if he did it intentionally, it wouldn’t work as strongly.

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These days when he makes music or music video, he will try his best to focus and to become [like] him before Gangnam Style. Not to do something intentionally. Doing it with intention takes a lot of effort for things to be natural, that’s what he has felt for the last five years.

In 2018, Psy left label YG Entertainment after being signed for eight years, eventually founding his own record agency P Nation in 2019.

He then went on to sign a number of high profile Korean artists, including 28-year-old singer Hyuna, who left her previous label Cube Entertainment.

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