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Fun, drinks and male hosts

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Jonny, 26, works in pubic relations. The misspelling is intended. He is a male host.

It is about the most unglamorous profession for someone like him who is attractive and articulate. He has a degree in Mass Communications from the University of Liverpool to at least be able to work in any decent public relations agency. Yet, he has chosen to work as a male host at Naked Gun, a host club located in a secluded corner of Concorde Hotel. It is one of the best ways to rake in the dollars and clear his hefty tuition loan.

“I don’t see being a male host as sleazy ,” says Jonny with a wide, toothy grin. “I love singing and entertaining people. Working in this line earns me more money – much faster than I thought I could earn to pay off my bank loan.”

Most of Jonny’s clients are young women in their 20s and 30s who are willing to pay for ‘the perfect boyfriend experience’ and with no strings attached. The “perfect boyfriend experience” is akin to a pleasant first date experience a woman has with her very first partner. After a night of fun and drinks, the guy takes his money and leaves.

His clients, Jonny says, happen to be single women who are university graduates holding high positions in corporate companies and multinational corporations. When asked what women are looking for when they visit a host club, Jonny was quick to answer: “Companionship.”

In clubs like Naked Gun, it is common for the male hosts to cosy up with any woman over drinks and music. Every night from midnight to 4am, the men would sing, dance and entertain female patrons on stage. Women would buy garlands for male performers they are interested in and invite them over to their tables for more drinks. What happens after 4am is nobody’s business.

Although Jonny claims that he does not engage in sex, he suggestively says that what happens inside the club stays inside the club – a hint that activities of lust do happen behind closed doors.

“Women come here to entertain themselves. Some need to vent their frustrations. Others are looking for fun. Let’s just say that when there are feelings involved, there’s bound to be a lot of money spent,” says Jonny.

Jonny’s manager – some would call “papasan” — a 40-year-old Thai national who declined to be named, says: “When the women ask for the boys, we’ll provide. When they ask the boys to drink, they drink. When they’re asked to sing, they sing.”

Naked Gun has five types of men: Thai, Taiwanese, Japanese, Singaporeans and Malaysians. It’s the Taiwanese and Thai boys who are in demand every night.

Malaysian clothes store owner Alan Chan, 32, a former male host with the now defunct Club Zinc, which used to be in the same hotel as Naked Gun, says that he only entertains women during working hours.

“We’re not allowed to bring any of the women out for a night of fun,” says Alan. His eyes, however, betrayed his speech. Alan longs to make himself available for dates exclusively with tai tais (ladies of leisure), of course, for a huge price.

When asked whether it is immoral of him to be thinking about seeing a married woman, he thinks it is not.

Hairdresser Ivan Seah, whose client used to work as a male host at Club Zinc alongside Alan, says that how much a male host can earn depends on how well he entertains his clients, and how supportive the women are of the man’s performance on stage.

“I doubt that any male host would openly admit that they sleep with and or have an affair with any of their clients, but that does not mean things don’t happen. I’m very sure they do,” adds Ivan.

Now we know that the cougars are actually kittens looking for someone to whom they can bare their souls. The panthers are the male hosts.

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