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Former Law Society complaint against Lucien Wong “is troubling”, says Lee Hsien Yang

Mr Lee shared an article on his Facebook page from Oct 25 1968 titled ‘Report made against lawyer for alleged removal of legal files’




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SINGAPORE – Lee Hsien Yang took to social media once again, this time to share first-hand the 1986 Straits Times front-page article that made what he referred to as “very serious allegations” against now Attorney-General (A-G) Lucien Wong.

The article that Mr Lee shared was dated 25 Oct 1968, and titled, ‘Report made against lawyer for alleged removal of legal files’.

In a Facebook post on Friday (Sep 11), Mr Lee wrote: “The article also mentions Lee Kuan Yew’s criticism of the legal fraternity for being lax in disciplining its members and warning about the need to uphold the profession’s integrity”.

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A “Senior partner of one of Singapore’s leading law firms has been reported to the police for alleged wrongful removal of company files”, the report read. It added that the said partner was “found with the files in a nearby carpark in the company of another lawyer who was, until a week or two ago, a partner of another firm”.

“The male partner topped the Law Faculty at the then University of Singapore during his time”, the Straits Times article read.

The Straits Times article did not mention the names of the two lawyers but the male lawyer is understood to be Mr Wong.

The case was stood down after the AGC decided not to pursue the matter, and that a complaint was made to the Law Society but it was never resolved publicly.

According to a Straits Times report, on Wednesday (Sep 9), a Law Society spokesman said of the report: “The complaint was dismissed as being unmeritorious.”

In his Facebook post, Mr Lee said: “Given all the circumstances, this is troubling”.

In a statement on Wednesday (Sept 9), the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) made the announcement that Deputy Attorney-General (DAG) Hri Kumar Nair will lead the review in the case of former domestic worker Parti Liyani. Attorney-General (A-G) Lucien Wong and the deputy attorneys-general were not involved in any prosecutorial decisions pertaining to the case, the AGC said.

The AGC noted that several years prior to his appointment as Attorney-General, Mr Wong sat on the board of directors of CapitaLand while Mr Liew was president and chief executive officer of the company.

Mr Wong stepped down from the board in January 2006.

The brother of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Mr Lee Hsien Yang questioned in a Facebook post on Wednesday: “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?”

The question he posed in Latin translates to ‘Who watches the watchers?’ /TISG

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