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Foodpanda rider allegedly tries to cheat customer by faking accident to get payment twice

A Foodpanda delivery rider tried to get-rich quick by charging a family twice for food they had already paid for.




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Singapore – On Thursday (July 4), a member of the public, Ms Jasmine Tan, took to Facebook to share about “the worst service from FoodPanda.”

It started as a regular order – Popeyes from Waterway Point amounting to S$34.09, paid by her Nets card and expected to arrive at 7:30 pm at Punggol.

However, at 8 pm, her order had not arrived, so Ms Tan checked her app for an update only to find out that her order was already marked as “Delivered” at 7:45 pm.

She immediately messaged FoodPanda customer service via the app chat for some clarifications.

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At 8:15 pm, the rider arrived “limping with some scrap blood on his knees saying he got in an accident at Oasis Primary School,” said Ms Tan.

According to the post, the driver got hit by a “Mercs driver” resulting to the order getting damaged. He then claimed to have gone back to the Popeyes branch to reorder the food.

“So he was asking me to pay him cash for the 2nd order and that FoodPanda will pay me back within 6 days,” wrote Ms Tan.

With their family’s dinner already delayed and the children hungry, Ms Tan paid the amount to the driver who immediately left after receiving the second payment.

“Most epic thing. The chat line person said they had contacted their dispatch team and the rider insisted he didn’t take money from us,” said Ms Tan.

The family rushed to the nearby police station and lodged a report.

An officer informed them that the incident was equivalent to a cheating case.

Ms Tan went on to share the features of the driver to warn others.

“He is about 20 to 30 years old, Chinese male with tattoos all over his legs,” wrote Ms Tan. “He was wearing lots of gold rings, gold bracelet, and necklace,” she added.

“Those staying at Punggol please be aware. He might be using other apps to do this cheating scam. It might not be the first time since he had done that.”

Moreover, she was right. Someone contacted Ms Tan and said the same thing happened to them.

“Hi Jasmine, same thing happened to me. Same rider same story. I could sense that he wants me to pay him back but I act blur because his wounds doesn’t look fresh. In the end, he open his mouth and asked for S$3-4 dollars. I gave him S$3. After that I went to FoodPanda and enquire about this situation and they refunded me S$3,” shared the victim.

Another person admitted the same modus operandi happened to a colleague’s wife.

Read her full post below:

Just gotten the worst service from FoodPanda.Last night I ordered Popeyes from waterway point amount $34.09 at around…

Posted by Jasmine Tan on Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Both FoodPanda and the police have confirmed the allegations, and have said that investigations are ongoing, reported Mothership.

While we all hope that our present and future orders from food delivery services will push through without any trouble, we often have to prepare for unexpected inconveniences.

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