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Employer: Will you hire a helper sent back to the agency by their previous employer because she was unsuitable for their household?

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Employer asks helpers: How can we help you quickly settle in your new environment?

SINGAPORE: An employer took to social media, posing questions to other employers and helpers in a Facebook group. In an anonymous post, the netizen asked:

1) How many weeks/months will you tolerate mistakes before deeming your helper is not suitable for your household?
2) Will you hire a helper that was returned back by their previous employer to the agency because they find the helper not suitable for their household?”

The netizen then posed the following questions to helpers:

1) When you first come to Singapore, were you prepared or shocked to see that this country and the Employers here are fast paced?

2) How can we, the employers, help you to quickly settle in your new environment?”
Here’s what others in the group responded:


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Earlier this year, a foreign domestic helper who was abruptly sent back home without proper notice took to social media, saying she was not even paid.

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In an anonymous post to a Facebook support group for domestic helpers and employers alike, the maid wrote that her employers released her the night before. She said they bought her a flight ticket back home and did not give her the proper month’s notice or pay her for that month.

Reading her post, others in the group asked her for the full story and if she did anything that pushed her employers to send her back so abruptly. Others also asked the maid to check her employment contract to confirm her notice period.

Maid says her employer did not give her 1 month’s notice or pay, took her to the airport and sent her back, did not even allow her to talk to immigration officers

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