Life recently delivered one delivery rider a double whammy: after finding out that his wife of nearly ten years has been unfaithful, a paternity test showed that their youngest child, a 10-month-old boy, is not his.

The rider, 27, grew suspicious after his wife, 29, started staying out more and more. When one of his relatives suggested that the couple’s youngest child be subjected to a paternity test, he agreed.

The blood test showed the baby boy’s blood type was different from his and his wife’s, a report in Shin Min Daily News says.

The man began to discover the awful truth when their helper told him that a strange man had been spending time at their home while he was overseas. The maid sent him a message as well as a picture of the man.

Upon checking with his wife’s mother, she told him she already met the man.

The wife is asking for a divorce from the man, saying they no longer communicate with each other. Moreover, she wants to keep the house and have custody of the children.

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However, the man still wants to have his wife back. 

“She complained to me before that I was always working and didn’t spend time with her and that it was like not having a husband at all. 

But we have three children and a housing loan. I told her I want to give her and the kids a good life. I thought she would understand. However, things turned out like this,” he told Shin Min Daily News.

He loves his children dearly and has been taking care of the youngest, in spite of the fact that the baby boy is not his.

“In the last month, my wife didn’t really take care of him. I would be the one cuddling him, feeding him, and soothing him in the middle of the night. 

That’s why our bond is particularly strong. If my wife insists on leaving, I’m willing to raise the three children.”

The man also told Shin Min Daily News that he earns between $6,000 and $7,000, the bulk of which (around $5,000) is given to his wife for all the household expenses.

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The two even own a house and he hired a maid for her and bought her a second-hand car so the kids can go to school easily.

In spite of everything, he told the Chinese daily, “I love and trust her a lot. I give her all my money and hardly have any savings.” /TISG

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