Asia Malaysia “Dear stupid Malaysians”—Netizen vents on Twitter, schooling driver on what is pedestrian...

“Dear stupid Malaysians”—Netizen vents on Twitter, schooling driver on what is pedestrian crossings

Farhah Aziz's angry tweet hit home with many people who could relate to drivers honking at pedestrians at crossings, at last count her comment was re-tweeted more than 10,000 times, and liked over 6 thousand times




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Netizen Farhah Aziz could barely contain her contempt and exasperation at the bad etiquette of a driver on May 27, when she tweeted,

Dear stupid Malaysians, The pedestrian crossing is meant for pedestrians to CROSS safely. You’re not supposed to honk at pedestrians crossing. Yes I could see your car coming but I have the right to still cross. It’s called basic traffic rules you dumbasssssss.”

Anyone have ice for that burn?

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Apparently, many people could relate to her irate sentiments, since her tweet has gotten retweeted more than ten thousand times, and liked over six thousand times. 

What Farah experienced is not uncommon among her countrymen.

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One netizen said that he faces this same situation “almost daily,” and at a no less. According to Azinuddun Zulfa, both students and academics drive the same way.

Netizen AmethystChew used double exclamation points to recount her experience, wherein not even children were allowed to cross safely.

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Motorists seem unaware, or at any rate are heedless of the fact that pedestrian crossings or crosswalks are designated areas on a road where people are not only allowed to cross, but that traffic is actually obligated to stop when someone is at the crosswalk.

Drivers seeing a crosswalk need to slow to a stop, not honk their horns for people to get out of the way, and most certainly not for stepping on the gas pedal and speeding up in order to get ahead of pedestrians.

However, some netizens said that pedestrians should make sure that motorists stop before they actually cross the road.

The problem is, sometimes, motorists disregard the white stripes that indicate crosswalks.

One netizen told the story of a friend they have who was run over at a crosswalk, even when the light was green.

Oh, and it’s an occurrence that apparently doesn’t just happen in Malaysia, but in other countries as well.

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