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Counseller claims she is in a serious relationship with a ghost and plans to have its baby




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A 30-year-old British woman has claimed that she is in a serious sexual relationship with a ghost and that she now plans on having the ghost’s baby, even though she isn’t 100 per cent sure about whether her ghost lover is male or female.

The woman named Amethyst Realm, who works as a spiritual guidance counsellor in Bristol, told local publications that she turned her back on living men and began exclusively “dating” ghosts more than a decade ago. She claims to have slept with over 14 ghosts since then.

Amethyst met her first ghost lover over 12 years ago, shortly after she moved in with her childhood fiancé – who promptly dumped her as soon as he heard about her affair with a ghost, no less.

The affair began one day when her fiancé was away and Amethyst decided to wear kinky lingerie to attract a ghostly presence she had detected in their spare room. Even though Amethyst recalled feeling unsure if she had come on too strongly, the plan apparently worked.

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The counsellor told a shocked morning talk show host last year that she proceeded to have sex with the “ghost”.

She recounted: “It was kind of like a weight, I felt a pressure on my thighs. At the same time physical breath and stroking.” When the This Morning show host asked her whether the encounter led to an orgasm, Amethyst claimed: “Yes, for me.”

Amethyst now claims that she has been in a serious relationship with her current ghost lover, whom she met while she was holidaying in Australia. She told Australian website, New Idea, in a recent interview:

“One day, while I was walking through the bush, enjoying nature, I suddenly felt this incredible energy. I knew a new lover had arrived.”

Amethyst insisted that she has a real connection with her latest ghost lover and that she is able to have intercourse and communicate with the alleged ghost, even though she cannot see him and even though she isn’t entirely sure about the gender of the alleged spirit.

Claiming that her ghost lover followed her back to the UK six months ago, Amethyst claimed that they are now so serious that they are ready to take things to the next level: “It’s pretty serious. In fact, we’ve even been thinking about having a ghost baby. I know that sounds crazy but I’ve been looking into it and I don’t think it’s totally out of the question.”

Amethyst explained that she believes humans can carry ghost babies to term as she thinks such phantom pregnancies are caused by “ghost babies” trapped in human wombs: “I’ve done a bit of research into phantom pregnancies. There’s a possibility that it is a ghost in you but people don’t know how to carry it to full term.”

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