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Conservatives on X have been showing their disapproval for certain big name brands on X. Victoria’s Secret, Bud Light, Target and Disney have all been the target of conservative backlash. However, these companies are still going strong despite their sales declining. Unfortunately for Miss Universe, they have declared bankruptcy. 

According to Fox News, the 2023 Miss Universe pageant, renowned for inclusivity with transgender contestants, persists despite the JKN Global Group’s recent bankruptcy filing. Anne Jakrajutatip, a Thai tycoon and transgender activist, acquired the organisation for $20 million in 2022, deeming it a strategic addition. 

However, just a year later, the franchise faces instability. The JKN Global Group’s petition for business rehabilitation, filed days before the event, sparked concerns. Miss Universe confirmed the upcoming event in El Salvador despite the financial situation. Notably, this year’s pageant features pioneering transgender contestants from Portugal and the Netherlands, reflecting the organisation’s commitment to inclusivity and empowering women globally amidst rising transphobia. 

The Miss Universe Organization reaffirmed its stance on celebrating all women, emphasising their long-standing dedication to inclusivity.

Company Miss Universe headed for bankruptcy 

Conservatives on X state that women are focusing on female empowerment. Unfortunately for them, biological males are winning these events. However, some of these comments can be rather transphobic. This stems from the past decisions that trans women have the advantage to win these competitions due to their situation. 

X users state that this is one of the proof that woke culture has lost. Following that, they are changing the phrase “go woke go broke” to “go woke, file for bankruptcy.” Despite this, the woke crowd is still supporting this decision for inclusivity. However, when inclusivity excludes those who genuinely worked hard to be in such a position is the fact that is grinding the conservative gears. 

The topic of biological male entering women’s sports has also been discussed in this topic. Thye state that it is an easier way for the individual to win something, especially if they’re a stronger biological male competing with biological females in sports. 

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