Entertainment Arts Circuit breaker a good time for Elvin Ng to exercise with family

Circuit breaker a good time for Elvin Ng to exercise with family

Actor has to get fit for two shower scenes in a coming show




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Singapore — The Covid-19 circuit breaker has got people exercising in their living rooms or cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

One of those exercising at home is actor Elvin Ng. He tells 8days.com that it is a family affair because he is joined in the exercises by his mother, sister, brother, sister-in-law and two nieces. There is no lack of space because home is a spacious semi-D.

Ng, 39, said his family kept him in check with his fitness routine.

In the past, the actor could not exercise at home because it was a place where he could  relax. However, a coming show has two shower scenes so he has to get fit. He prefers weight training but he has to exercise at home because gyms are closed.

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Ng says he is motivated by his family as he is not disciplined if he does it alone. He adds that he wants to look good in front of his family in terms of stamina and not physique.

Elvin Ng with his nieces. Picture: Instagram

As he is the “instructor”, he has to keep cool and keep up the work even though it is hard. Six times a week (three consecutive days followed by one day of rest), the family does half-hour Tabata sessions in the evening. This is a form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Whoever skips class has to pay a fine. The first offence costs S$10, the second S$20, the third S$30 and so on. Ng has collected only S$20 so far, so it has been good.

The decision to exercise as a family was made at dinner one day. Ng had commented that everyone was eating a lot and putting on weight. The family does six sets of workouts that are four minutes each and the whole exercise is high intensity. Ng’s mother takes it slower while the rest go at their own pace and try to keep up.

Other than HIIT, Ng uses equipment such as an exercise ball, weights and push-up bars. The family members take turns to use the equipment.

Ng said the family members might want to take a break after the circuit breaker or they  might want to continue to work out.

The actor says that spending more time with his family has been one of the advantages of the circuit breaker. They have always been close. When he was working, he did not have time for them but it was different now.

During the circuit breaker, Ng has also managed to watch Crash Landing on You, Money Heist and The 100. He is also reading the script for a coming show. The actor has also been revising for the exam of a property course. The course was taken before the circuit breaker and the exam has been postponed.

Ng encouraged everyone to slow down during this period and to reflect on the little things they have been taking for granted. /TISGFollow us on Social Media

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