Entertainment Arts Chinese singer Na Ying kicks fan

Chinese singer Na Ying kicks fan

The fan was in Macau and had bumped into the singer at a supermarket on Sunday and the veteran Chinese singer who failed to control her temper was filmed in the act

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Veteran Chinese singer Na Ying was caught on video kicking a fan who tried to take a photo with her, Sin Chew Daily reported.

The fan was seeking a wefie and the mentor on the popular talent show Sing! China was seen marching towards her.

“Don’t photograph me!” 52-year-old Na Ying was heard yelling.

The fan was in Macau and had bumped into the singer at a supermarket on Sunday.

Netizens online sided with the female fan.

“Even if taking a photograph is wrong, kicking someone is just too much,” a netizen wrote.
On the other hand, Straits Times reported the news with an article titled, “So what if girl was warned not to film Na Ying? Singer should not have kicked her, netizens say.”
According to the report, the celebrity’s assistant had warned the fan not to film Na Ying.
It was also reported that netizens were outraged at Na for reacting publicly, even though some feel that celebrities should be left alone in public.

Comments said the well-known singer, who has sold more than 10 million albums, should have got used to public scrutiny by now after all these years in show business.

They noted too that the girl was not filming Na doing anything objectionable or embarrassing.

These angry folk also noted, with some satisfaction, that the ultimate loser in this incident is Na, whose image would now get tarnished because of her inability to control her temper in public.

Na Ying was born on 27 November 1967 in Shenyang, Liaoning, China and she is an ethnic Manchu, a descendant of the noble Yehe Nara clan of the Qing dynasty.

She is a Chinese vocalist and is considered as one of the best present-day female singers in Mainland China, having sold more than 10 million albums.

Na Ying is known for her buoyant and forthright personality.

She has been a judge of Chinese TV singing shows like The Voice of China.

She became a member of the Liaoning Juvenile Broadcasting Chorus in 1979, and the Shenyang Singing and Dancing Troupe in 1983.

Na Ying won several national singing contests in the 1980s, and received vocal training from the famous composer Gu Jianfen (谷建芬)

Na’s father was a doctor. He wanted her to have a good education and become a doctor when she grew up. However, Na exhibited a natural talent for singing, and was determined to become a singer instead.

Na began her recording career in 1988 in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

In 1991 she released her first album entitled “A single woman like me” (像我这样的单身女子), which had a very moderate reception.

Two years later, in 1993, she released a new album called “I hope my dreams come true” (但愿好梦都成真) which was not very popular either. -/TISG


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