Uncategorized China-born ex-national paddler exposes philandering husband and lover

China-born ex-national paddler exposes philandering husband and lover




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Ex-national table tennis player and two-time Olympic medalist, Wang Yuegu (36), who last year announced her divorce, has let rip on her Taiwanesee husband. She said it was her ex-husband, Gabriel Lee’s (37), affair which led to the breakdown in their marriage. Wang and Gabriel have been married since June 2011, and their son is 10 months old.

Writing in her Facebook, Wang said, “I don’t wish to dwell on the reasons, but I think everyone should understand why a woman would get a divorce shortly after giving birth (对于一个女人来说,在做月子里离婚,我想大家都会明白的).”

Wang also released several photos and text messages which exposed the alleged affair Gabriel had with a woman known only as “Eloise’s mum”. One of the messages indicated that her husband was having an affair for 9 months before it all came to an end.

Gabriel’s alleged lover said in the text message that she feels troubled that he is betraying his wife and that she cannot continue to be with him because of that. The lover revealed that she herself is married and had the affair because they had a special relationship. She said that their 9-month relationship was a very special one, but had to come to an end.

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Posted by Wang Yue Gu on Monday, 8 May 2017

China-born Wang was Singapore’s most accomplished Olympian before Joseph Schooling won the Olympic gold medal for Singapore. Wang headed back to China after quitting the sport in August 2012.

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