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Chen Shao Mao steps down as Treasurer of the Worker’s Party




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By: Kheng-Liang Tan

Chen Show Mao has stepped down from his position from the Treasurer of the Worker’s Party. This comes just three months after assuming the role in June for a two-year term.

This is his second term as Treasurer, after first being elected in 2014.

After his resignation, Chen remains a council member and will be succeeded by deputy treasurer NCMP Dennis Tan.

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Earlier in June, there was speculation of internal rife within the Worker’s Party after Low Thia Khiang had narrowly survived being challenged for the position of Secretary-General by Chen.

However, Chen failed to do so after gathering 45 votes to Mr. Low’s 61.

Last September, the party managed to retain its Aljunied GRC ward with a razor thin 0.95% margin.

Both Mr. Low and Chen has declined comment.

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