Entertainment Celebrity Chef Wan is done sponsoring his childrens’ weddings & refuses to pay...

Chef Wan is done sponsoring his childrens’ weddings & refuses to pay for his daughter Serina’s second marriage

He ticks off his son and daughter for the cost of their weddings




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PETALING JAYA – Malaysian chef Chef Wan recently spoke up about covering his childrens’ wedding expenses in light of his daughter Serina’s upcoming wedding ceremony.

According to Yahoo News Malaysia, Chef Wan, aka Datuk Redzuawn Ismail, expressed his frustration on Instagram as he refuses to pay for Serina’s second wedding after covering the cost for her first marriage back in 2010 to Gavin Edward O’luaniagh.

Serina and O’luanaigh’s wedding was a lavish three-day ceremony and was featured as a special episode, One Night: A Malaysian Wedding – Chef Wan, on the Asian Food Channel.

The couple have two children, Tristan (left) and Isabella (right), and got a divorce in 2017.

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Photo: Instagram screengrab (@serinadzuawan)

The TV personality/father gave a piece of his mind in a long caption on the Instagram post where he gave his two children an earful for making him fork out a fortune on their wedding ceremonies.

Photo: Instagram screengrab (@_chefwan58)

He’s also publicly stated that his son has already got married twice and his daughter is about to get married for the second time.

Can you imagine how much each ceremony must’ve cost him for him to reach this boiling point? 

The star chef went on to say that their future spouses should fully pay for the ceremony as he did and even highlighted his son’s number of marriages before announcing that he’s done sponsoring their weddings.

“Ask your future husband to pay for your wedding ceremony just like I did when I sponsored your wedding 100 per cent.

”If he’s so eager to get married, let him be responsible for the cost.

“In the end, you see what I had to suffer and endure — enough is enough,” Chef Wan said.

It seems like the tipping point came after his daughter, Serina (who is a mother of two) asked if she could get married after Raya and even included her wedding theme of choice aka a “simple” ceremony at his home.

In response to her request, the chef asked that she be “patient” though he felt that it’d be better for her to get married at a mosque instead and then head over to his restaurant, De.Wan 1958 after the congregation.

“No need to mess up my house with a wedding celebration as I am alone, your grandma needs some privacy and I have my restaurant business,” he wrote.

Furthermore, Chef Wan wants to remain cautious with the fluctuating number of Covid-19 cases in Malaysia. He noted that it’s not a good idea to have a big crowd, so it’s better to keep the guest list short and limited to close relatives only.

On top of that, he advised Serina to donate the money to the less fortunate instead of splurging on the wedding ceremony as he highlighted the fact that a marriage is only offical once the solemnisation is held.

“If this is the first wedding, it’s okay, but this is the second time. If my son wants to get married tomorrow, it’ll be his third time. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about my money depleting,” he continued.

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