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Chan Chun Sing calls on WP’s Dennis Tan to substantiate allegations of “petty” and “bad politics”




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Singapore — During the debate on Thursday (Sept 3) on the President’s Address last week, Trade and Industry Minister sought clarification from Workers’ Party MP of allegations made by the latter on Monday (Aug 31).

Mr Tan, the MP for Hougang SMC, had accused the People’s Action Party (PAP) of “petty” and “bad politics” during the recent General Election.

“This is a serious allegation. When challenged in this House by Mr Murali (Pillai), Mr Tan acknowledged that ELD (the Elections Department) has been even-handed in handling complaints received from all political parties and candidates. ELD has not received any report from Mr Tan on his allegations that his posters were pulled down from the original height,” Mr Chan said.

Mr Tan had cited how the PAP team had complained to the authorities about the ’s placement of posters in Hougang SMC. He added that the PAP team itself had planted its flags in front of WP banners in Hougang.

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Mr Tan had said that a complaint had been made with 13 allegations of WP’s election posters being below the requisite 2.2m, despite his volunteers having taken care to follow ELD regulations.

He added that the PAP team had planted the party’s flags in front of WP banners in Hougang SMC, “blocking a clean sighting of the contents” of his banners, and planted many flags around coffee shops in the estate.

He also said a Hougang resident had told him that she saw a PAP team allegedly lowering the posters from their original height.

In its response, the ELD said two complaints related to Mr Tan’s posters were lodged because the campaign materials were below the 2.2m height requirement in order that they do not to obstruct the line of sight for motorists.

The ELD also clarified that it did not receive any report from Mr Tan regarding allegations that his posters were pulled down and urged him to do so to allow the incident to be investigated.

Mr Chan added: “Anyone who makes such allegations publicly should substantiate their allegations with evidence, more so when such allegations are made in this House. And in the spirit of constructive politics that we discussed in recent days in this House. It cannot be that a member stands up to raise doubts and does not follow through to substantiate his allegations.”

He added that the ELD takes such allegations seriously and will investigate them. /TISG

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