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Caught on dashcam: Biker topples over along PIE, alert Honda driver swerves to avoid running over man’s head

The driver received much kudos for his exemplary driving skills and being alert to the situation




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Singapore – A near-death incident involving a biker toppling to the ground, his head landing inches away from the wheels of an oncoming vehicle, was caught on dashcam footage. An accident was averted due to the prompt response of the vehicle driver.

On Sunday (Nov 29), Facebook page ROADS.sg uploaded a video with the heading, “Biker nearly lost his head.” According to the post, the incident happened along the Expressway (PIE) towards Changi after Toa Payoh exit at around 10:45 am on Saturday (Nov 28).

ROADS.sg saluted the Honda driver and added, “to the biker, the Honda driver saved your life by being super alert and swerving right to avoid hitting you. Wishing the biker a speedy and full recovery.”

At about three seconds into the video footage, the biker could be seen losing control of the motorcycle and toppling over to his right.

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Photo: FB /ROADS.sg

The biker lands inches away from a Honda Vezel taking the far right lane. His head was situated on the vehicle’s wheel path.

Photo: FB screengrab/ROADS.sg

Within a split second, the Honda driver swerves to the right to avoid an accident and places a broader between the wheels and the biker.

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As pointed out in the comments, the vehicle’s hazard lights turn on at the same moment, presumably by the driver or the Honda’s safety system.

Photo: FB screengrab/ROADS.sg

The Honda driver received praise from members of the online community. “The driver solid ‘af’ bro. Really big ups and respect!” said Facebook user Austin Revo. He added that it probably wasn’t the biker’s fault as the incident appeared to have involved the motorcycle’s belt snapping. Others mentioned it could be due to a piston jam, noting the same thing happened to them.

“This the real kind of great driving skills; alert, great response, even hazard lights promptly on, not the type of ever ready to chiong like the ‘Wild Boar,'” commented Facebook user Ming Lai. “The driver sacrifices damaging his car to avoid the biker ups! Thank you for being alert and selflessness!” said Facebook user Guang Yu Li, commenting on the possibility that the vehicle scratched the road divider railing while avoiding the biker.

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“The car driver saved one life. Should be given a good driver award by the mata,” added another netizen.

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