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Calvin Cheng: Virus shows “two kinds of people, both equally bad”

Mr Cheng said the first type of person was the kind that had a deep mistrust of the government and the second was the opposite, the kind who only trusts what the government has to say




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Singapore— Former Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) Calvin Cheng has weighed in yet again on the current situation brought about by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) via a Facebook post on February 10 (Monday).

According to Mr Cheng, the virus, which he calls an “epidemic,” has brought to light two types of people of completely opposing character and behavior, both of whom are “equally bad.”

The first type of person that the situation has revealed is the type that has a deep distrust for the Government… “so much, they think the Government must be lying, even if what is being said are scientific facts.”

According to Mr Cheng, the second type are quite the opposite, those who trust only the Government, to the point of only believing advisories from it.

“These are the kind of people that will not evacuate a burning building until some authority tells them to do so,” writes the former NMP.

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He ends his post by saying that “Both types of people are more dangerous than the virus,” whom therefore must be avoided.

While some people said that they appreciated Mr Cheng’s post, others left comments that seemed to point back at him.

A number of netizens proposed a third kind of citizen.

An individual named Eddy Sim, wrote, “Let me add a third kind: Those who think that they are smarter than WHO and the medical experts, and think that all the governments in the world are overreacting. This third kind is more dangerous than the above 2.”

As for Simon Teo, he commented, “The third type of people are those that believe anything that any prominent person would say, without thinking through it themselves. This is equally bad.”

Although he wrote at the end of his comment, “But… I do agree with your points in your post. We need to be critical thinkers, not blind followers.”


Netizen Vicknesh Rajamohan answered Mr Cheng mockingly, “Waaa. So cute la. People choose to wait for official confirmation also you not happy. Who didn believe you Calvin? Don’t worry. I believe you. Occasionally. When your posts are not waxing lyrical about China and its wonderful world-changing policies. ???
But don’t worry too much about people not believing you or anything that isn’t confirmed by official sources.
Better to wait for official confirmation rather than taking any Tom, Dick or Harry’s word for it.
I’m sure you will agree.
Like unless I see a fire or smell the smoke, or hear the fire alarm go off I’d probably do a double confirmation before exiting a building. Sekali go out for nothing, waste time sia.”

One netizen said that there is actually a fourth kind of person. Kai Cheong wrote, “There’s also a fourth kind that uses it as an opportunity for bad marketing.”

Another person’s post seemed to indicate that he was genuinely confused as to what Mr Cheng was trying to get at: “What’s ur purpose of this post,” asked El Desireel.


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