Entertainment Arts BTS members Jungkook, Suga and V to release mixtapes

BTS members Jungkook, Suga and V to release mixtapes

Korean boy band also reveals that it is working on a new album




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Fans of K-pop boy band BTS are in for a treat. Members Jungkook and Suga will be releasing their mixtapes and fellow member V has hinted to fans that he may be following suit, according to cheatsheet.com on Sunday (May 3).

Throughout the recent season of BTS: Bon Voyage, a reality show on the group  travelling around the world, V told his band members that he had been penning songs.

Also, V and fellow member RM hosted a show on the live video streaming service VLIVE, to talk to fans. During the session, V shared that he had been writing songs and one of them turned out to be Sweet Night which was in the soundtrack for the  Itaewon Class television series.

When RM asked him if he had been writing songs, V replied that he had written three songs. The two BTS members talked about the song composing process for Inner Child, which is V’s solo song on the BTS album Map of the Soul:7.

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RM talked about how emotions disappear so it is best to pen them down, while V added that one may not feel the emotions again afterwards.

RM said that when working on Inner Child, he worked on several solo tracks for the other members. The members edit the files when they receive them.

V plays online games with fans regularly and, during a game, V said in the chatroom that he may release a mixtape soon. The news of his mixtape was all over social media. Here are some of the Twitter conversations by fans:

BTS also revealed that they are working on a new album, including a Japanese album, Suga’s mixtape, Jungkook’s mixtape, Suga’s coming partnership with IU and now V’s mixtape.


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