International Asia Bostik to push its products and branding identity across the asian market

Bostik to push its products and branding identity across the asian market

The strategic target markets are Electronics, Automotive, Maintenance and Repair Operations or MRO and After Market and the Luxury marketplace




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Bostik, the industry leader for innovative and smart adhesive solutions, is on a drive to
penetrate the Asian market with new adhesive technologies.

The French company, renowned for its expertise as a specialist in adhesives, is offering smart solutions to meet the pressing challenges from industry 4.0 in Asia. It brings technologies from Bostik Nitta which it acquired from Nitta Gelatin last year.

These products are Cure In Place Gasketing (CIPG) applications and the UV Foam Gasket (UVFG) which the company is selling in Japan only.

A representative from the company says the strategic target markets are Electronics,
Automotive, Maintenance and Repair Operations or MRO and After Market and the Luxury

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The representative in Asia says, “This is the 1st wave where we launched these technologies during APAC academy. Our intention is to market these technologies to other countries within Asia.”

“Bostik is offering its UV curable formed in place gaskets, and the foamable UVFG. We offer solutions to the pain points, with a reduction in material waste, cutting down high-labour costs and offering high efficiency, size/design,” says Steve Edwards, Regional Engineer Adhesives Business Director, Bositk Industrial Adhesives, APAC.

Bostik has a well-recognized name in the industrial markets with a reliable set of products that made their mark.

“In Asia, Bostik has a value proposition that fits the industrial tendency: high efficiency,
automated process, odd shape design, smaller size, light-in-weight, less waste, water/dust proofing.

“The products offer excellent elasticity and proper rheological (liquid state) behaviour.”
This is besides the product quality, durability and strength that make this product shine in this day and age of environment-conscious industry players.

The company is planning to get the products through to the vast market in the Asian region banking on its auto-dispensing facets that offers better repeatability and lower
labour/training costs.

“Our products offer less material waste, higher production efficiency and increase the
competitiveness of the manufacturers,” says Edwards.

It will sell the products through agents and project-driven strategies. Given the huge
Engineering Adhesives market which churns around €7 billion globally and especially in Asia, the company is expected to grow rapidly.

Though there are similar competitive products in the market, customers are still using gaskets (molded, tapes etc). But Bostik is offering new technologies.
“This is a new technology that fits in the industrial tendency,” says Edwards.

There is a lot of key competitors’ with companies that have strong brands and have a well-established presence in the market.

Thus, Bostik entered a fast-growing engineering adhesives markets focussing strongly on
innovation to increase its position in Engineering Adhesives.

“Following Bostiks’ acquisitions of Nitta and Afinitica, we will now launch our new Born2Bond product portfolio to our engineering industry globally,” says Edwards.

“So far, it has a small volume of sales in Japan (Wave 1), but we are planning to touch the market in Asia, and for the Wave 2, we plan to deliver this technology to EMEA and Americas.” -/TISGFollow us on Social Media

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