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BMW driver involved in Caltex Tampines case tells his side of the story; lodges police report




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The BMW driver involved in the Caltex Tampines case has explained his side of the story to a reporter from the Chinese daily, revealing that he has lodged a police report over the matter. Caltex Singapore has also confirmed that the case is with the police.

The issue occurred between a BMW driver and a petrol pump attendant at a Caltex petrol kiosk at Tampines. The driver had asked the attendant to fill his vehicle with $10 worth of petrol but was shocked to find that the attendant had filled a full tank of petrol, amounting to $135. The BMW refused to pay for something he had not asked and the elderly attendant agreed to cover the remaining cost, allegedly since he did not want to create an issue.

The case went viral after Facebook user Kelly Yeo shared the story online, painting the driver in an unfavourable light. Netizens excoriated the driver and released his private details online even as support poured forth for the attendant. Caltex also chimed in and said that it did not make the attendant cover the $125.

However, when a reporter from the Chinese daily visited the home of the BMW driver, he heard a different story. When the reporter visited the home of the man who had been doxxed online, he was met at the door and turned away by someone who said there was no such driver living there.

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The reporter went to investigate with neighbours who told him that the driver did indeed live at the flat. When the reporter returned to the driver’s unit, he found two police officers waiting for him. It turns out the driver and his family had called the police, afraid that the reporter was a vigilante who had come to “seek justice”.

When the reporter clarified that he was not a vigilante seeking justice, the driver allowed him to interview him. The driver, who refused to be recorded, revealed that he had been planning to trade his car in at a dealership in Jurong. This was why he wanted to top up only $10 worth of petrol, so it could cover his trip from Tampines to Jurong.

The driver asked the driver in Mandarin to top up $10 worth of petrol but was shocked to find a hefty fee waiting for him at the cashier. When he clarified his order to the cashier, the cashier called up the attendant for an explanation. According to the driver, the attendant insisted that the driver asked for a full tank of petrol and adamantly raised his voice when the driver disputed this.

Contrary to an account by the attendant’s colleague that the attendant is a peace-loving man who could not have been rude to a customer, the driver asserted that the attendant used a dismissive tone when he offered to cover the difference.

The driver, who works in sales, shared that he has been greatly distressed by the notoriety the case has earned him. He added that Kelly Yeo, who first shared the story online, did not bother to get his side of the story. The driver further said that he has lodged a police report, worried that his son may face danger due to this issue.


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