Entertainment Arts Blake Lively is not revealing third child's name

Blake Lively is not revealing third child’s name




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Fans of Taylor Swift were surprised when they realised she revealed what her friend, Blake Lively had named her youngest child, in her song Betty. However, this may not be true at all. Blake Lively and Taylor Swift have been friends for a long time. The friends hung out in Australia together in December 2015. Lively was filming The Shallows at the time while Swift was performing her 1989 World Tour.

Over the years, the Gossip Girl star has attended a number of Swift-held events, from her now-infamous 2016 Fourth of July party to her 30th birthday celebration in December 2019. This year, Lively shared with Buzzfeed that if she had to clone a celebrity, it would be Swift. “I gotta go with Taylor,” she said. “Come on. The world needs more Taylor. I need more Taylor.”

Taylor Swift and Blake Lively share a close friendship. Picture:Instagram

Lively also opened up about how busy she is and that she joked about having “way too many children.” She married Ryan Reynolds in 2012 and they have three daughters, James Reynolds, born in 2014; Inez Reynolds, born in 2016; and a third child, born in 2019. As Lively expanded her family, her friendship with Swift has remained close. Swift employed Lively’s eldest daughter on her 2017 album Reputation. 

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On July 24, 2020, Swift’s album Folklore debuted and fans noted that James and Inez’s names were in the song, Betty. Swift told E! that the characters in the story were named after her friends’ kids.

The names of James and Inez are accounted for, leaving Betty. With this, fans assumed that Betty is Lively’s youngest daughter’s name. Lively was thought to confirm the rumours after Swift’s announcement. In an Instagram Story in August 2020, Lively shared a necklace with her children’s names on it and she cropped the photo so only the names ‘James’ and ‘Inez’ are visible.

If Betty is not Lively’s daughter’s name, there is another theory. Swift sings about Rebekah Harkness on “The Last Great American Dynasty” a real woman whose nickname is Betty. If Swift did intend to connect all of the Folklore tracks, as some believe, this would fit. But it means that Lively’s daughter’s name is still unknown.

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