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Best digital marketing strategies, as shared by 3 CEOs




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Analysing and tweaking, a powerful core product, or your internal customers, what you’ll choose for your startup?


Dealing with digital marketing can be challenging unless you’ve employed a top-notch digital marketing agency or you’ve access to proven digital marketing techniques that are deemed to work.

Statistics show that the total global digital marketing spend will reach 306 billion by 2020. Is your startup planning for the future? Do you know how to channelise your digital marketing spend today to be at the top tomorrow?

Before you go out and throw your digital marketing budget just like that, listen to what works best. The following three CEOs shared their single best secret to digital marketing success.

1. Speaking Empire

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The first digital marketing secret comes from the Speaking Empire, which helps businesses get their message out in an effective and unique way. It has served businesses all over the world and has drawn attention from awesome people like Kevin Harrington from ABC.

The secret is in analysing and tweaking your digital marketing strategy. Here is what Dustin Mathews, CEO of Speaking Empire, says:

“Measuring and analyzing digital marketing strategy should be your top priority. I always tell my team to measure results every week. Don’t wait. If we are not progressing as planned, we tweak the plan. The point is to fix what’s not working immediately instead of taking action when the damage has been done.”

Trial and error is what works with digital marketing strategy. You cannot expect your strategy to start working right from day one. It won’t.

You’ve to test different variations. You’ve to try different combinations of marketing channels. You’ve to experiment. If you don’t, you’ll go nowhere.

Constantly analyse your plans and goals, and change your actions if things are not progressing as expected. For instance, if Facebook traffic isn’t converting while traffic from Twitter is converting at an exceptional rate, you’ve to figure out what’s not right with Facebook. Is it a targeting issue? Is it an issue with your offer? Is Facebook the right channel for your brand?

Mathews says:

“Right decisions at the appropriate time will help you with digital marketing. And right decisions are generated by analysing your strategy.”

2. Lion & Orb

Lion & Orb is a real estate PR company that has worked with some of the leading real estate companies like Concierge Auctions and Zillow.

Audie Chamberlain, the CEO of Lion & Orb, shares the digital marketing secret that has helped hundreds of his clients.

“PR is not a quick fix. It doesn’t work all the times. It will not work if you don’t have the right product. You have a poor product, Time Magazine cannot sell it for you. Don’t even think of it.”

The same goes true for digital marketing. Digital marketing doesn’t mean you can sell one of the worst products in the world. You cannot beat your competitors with a powerful digital marketing strategy if your core product is substandard.

Work on your product. Come up with a strong offer. Only then will digital marketing work.

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3. INS Consulting

INS Consulting is an employment solutions and recruitment agency that has helped more than a hundred small and large businesses including Jules and Areva.

Wei Hsu, CEO of INS Consulting, says:

“After serving more than a hundred companies, the best thing that makes or breaks your digital marketing strategy are your employees – your internal customers. Do whatever it takes to make them happy and you’ll see how everything changes.”

Digital marketing strategy isn’t just what you’ve written on a piece of paper, it is more of a philosophy. When your employees back it, everything will work. If they turn their back, you cannot do anything even if you have the best strategy and plan of action in place.

Work with your internal customers.


Analysing and tweaking, a powerful core product, or your internal customers, what you’ll choose for your startup?

Before you go ahead and implement one of these three secrets to your company, ask yourself, is it a right fit? If it goes well with your brand’s philosophy and strategy, only then it will work.


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