International Asia Behind the scenes of Tracer Wong's acting career and what she's been...

Behind the scenes of Tracer Wong’s acting career and what she’s been up to

She has been looking after her parents full-time during the pandemic




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SINGAPORE – Actress Tracer Wong has been off the acting scene long enough for her to recall the last drama she starred in.

It was made clear after had a phone interview with Wong back in February when she responded, “I think it was Crescendo,” after she was asked about her last movie appearance.

Fact-checking her iMDb page, however, showed The Truth Seekers (2016) was the last movie she had starred in. It was released a year after Crescendo (2015). Five years later, the actress returned to Mediacorp drama Mind Jumper.

In the same interview, Wong disclosed that she had to turn down other roles in the past because she was busy travelling.

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Now with travelling halted by the pandemic, the producers of Mind Jumper could get the actress on board. She was intrigued by the drama’s backstory as she found it outstanding from other drama series.

Mind Jumper follows a woman (portrayed by Joanne Peh) who has a mind-reading ability and uses it to assist private investigator (played by James Seah) in solving crimes such as financial scams and human trafficking.

Photo: Facebook screengrab

Wong, who plays James’ mother, shared that the series is based on true stories that occurred in Singapore.

Even though she’s been off-screen for some time now, fans haven’t forgotten  the actress and her past work, especially from the popular sitcom Don’t Worry Be Happy, The Vagrant, Against The Tide, and CLIF.

The actress is surprised that fans recognise her and approach her in public though she wears a mask.

The actress doesn’t have other ongoing acting projects at the moment but she’s ready to accept them if the script and character are right for her – and if she has the time.

Wong is now looking after her elderly parents on a full-time basis – especially crucial during this pandemic.

She explained that she doesn’t want them to go out as often as before given their age. Her mom is 80 and her dad is 79. She added that she and her brothers handle the grocery shopping and house chores.

Can we give Ms. Wong and her bros a round of applause for taking care of the family?

The actress also admitted that she hasn’t had a full-time job for some time now, neither does she run any businesses of her own. Beyond that, she didn’t say anything about her financial status during the interview.

Well, that’s all right! Some things aren’t meant to be disclosed to the public after all. 

In the meantime, feel free to check out Mind Jumper on meWatch today!







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