Business & Economy Gadgets Battle of the foldable phones: Huawei Mate X vs Samsung Galaxy Fold

Battle of the foldable phones: Huawei Mate X vs Samsung Galaxy Fold

Both phones have its pros and cons though it is early days yet, which phone will triumph will only be known once both are widely available on the market




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Just a few days after Samsung released information on its upcoming Galaxy Fold, Huawei is hitting back with its unveiling of the Mate X at the Mobile World Congress 2019.

While neither of the tech giants have released the full array of specifications for their smartphones, enough information has been given to merit a comparison.


Perhaps the most important aspect to look at when it comes to this type of smartphone is its screen. It is a foldable phone after all, and it bears to ask, “how well does the screen fold?”

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Samsung’s Galaxy Fold does not fold flat which leaves a gap in between the handset when it is closed. Give or take, the Galaxy Fold looks like two smartphones attached to each other which makes it seem like the bulkier option. The Mate X, on the other hand, looks seamless when it folds. It measures at 5.4mm thick when in tablet mode and 11mm when folded. Plus, it folds flat.


As for the screen size itself, Samsung will be offering its foldable smartphone with a 4.6-inch, 1960 x 840 screen size and display while Huawei is introducing its Mate X with a 6.6-inch, 2480 x 1148 display on the front and another 6.38-inch, 2480 x 892 display at the back.

When in tablet mode, the Galaxy Fold measures in at 7.3 inches, 2152 x 1536 Infinity Flex display while its counterpart will have an 8-inch, 2480 x 2220 FullView display. The Galaxy Fold also has a sizeable notch located at the upper right corner.

Both tablets look just about right for multi-tasking on the go.

The Mate X in action:


In an earlier article, we gave the Samsung Galaxy Fold a look and mentioned that it had six cameras on the phone. Huawei revealed that the Mate X would have four cameras. More details to follow.

The location of these cameras, however, have been placed into careful consideration and sit on the sidebar, letting you take pictures from any position you may be holding the phone.


Both the Galaxy Fold and Mate X are 5G phones, and if Huawei is making the latter perform at par with the Galaxy Fold’s capabilities, then battery power is essential. The phones have been equipped with two batteries each with a total capacity of 4380mAh for the Galaxy Fold and 4500mAh for the Mate X. More information on the battery life will be provided once the handsets have been tested.

The Galaxy Fold:


Now for the price. We have been informed that the Galaxy Fold’s introductory price is $1,980 (S$2,676). Whether or not this will be the benchmark for foldable phones, Huawei is bringing out the Mate X at $2,598 (S$3,507).

The Galaxy Fold will be rolled out into the US market on April 26 while Huawei CEO Richard Yu said that the Mate X would probably be available mid-2019.

More information on the Samsung Galaxy Fold below:

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