International Asia Anwar sings about 'reformasi' while Najib sings love songs

Anwar sings about ‘reformasi’ while Najib sings love songs

These politicians aren't singing for their supper but they certainly seem to be trying to get a message across




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Most of the time politicians, are serious and they mean business.

However there are times when a more casual side of them appears and we are caught by surprise.

For example, there was that one time when Malaysia’s ex-prime minister Najib Razak performed Cliff Richard’s ‘Young Ones’, a classic oldie last year.

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He is well known for liking karaoke and there have been other videos online showing him singing songs like ‘Sha La La La La’ and also a cover of a blues song proclaiming his innocence.

Another politician known for singing is Anwar Ibrahim, but instead of love songs, he sings songs about ‘reformasi’ instead.

It’s sometimes easier to get a message across through music and these two politicians are reaching out to the public in way that has long been popular.


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