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“Amos started defending pedophiles while he was in Singapore”: Yee’s mother speaks out




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There has been much buzz about 20 year-old Amos Yee, a Singaporean blogger, former YouTube personality and former child actor. After Yee’s social media accounts were recently taken down because of its pro-pedophilia content, one of his supporters Melissa Chen, the very woman who helped Yee seek asylum in the United States now wants him deported.

To dig deeper, we at TISG decided to go right to the source of Amos Yee – his mother, Mary Toh.

TISG: Do you want Amos to come back to Singapore? Why / Why not?

Mary Toh: Nope. He seems happier in the US, he also won’t go to prison for criticising any governments or religion (that’s a big one).

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TISG: What is the next course of action if your son gets deported from the US?

MT: We’ll figure it out if it ever happens.

TISG: Melissa Chen blames Amos’ environment for his pro-pedophilia tendencies, do you agree with this?

MT: Amos started defending pedophiles while he was in Singapore.

TISG: Why do you think Amos has gone down this path?

MT: He said that Singapore politics affects only 6 million Singaporeans, however there are 100s of millions of pedophiles all around the world. Boy wants more power.

TISG: From your knowledge, is Amos involved with minors or does he intend to be involved with them? Or does he just provide a platform for those who are pro-pedophilia?

MT: Nah Amos isn’t sexually attracted to minors himself, and won’t do anything illegal because unlike in Singapore (where you get a lot of media attention and recognition for the small amount of jail-time you serve), doing anything illegal in the US probably isn’t worth it.

TISG: Can you tell us a bit more about the private meeting that Amos requested with Melissa?

MT: Looks like that’s in progress




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