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99.co property rental gives Nas Daily a 3 months free stay worth S$15,000

The rent-free offer is subject to Nas and his girlfriend looking for property on Property marketplace 99.co's portal




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Singapore – Nuseir Yassin, commonly known as Daily, is receiving a lot of publicity on media regarding his Singapore move. He’s making it official by looking for accommodation during his stay here.

Property marketplace 99.co has promised the blogger a rent free stay worth S$15,000 if the couple find their new home through its portal.

The company released a 1-minute video on March 25 (Monday), similar to Nas Daily’s own videos talking about the offer.

The video features Jeff Koh, Director of Sales for 99.co, welcoming Nas Daily to Singapore. He mentioned how 99.co has been tracking Nuseir and his girlfriend, Alyne Tamir known online as “Dear Alyne,” in their plans to relocate to Singapore.

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“I’m sure you will need to for your ideal home,” said Koh. “Don’t worry, let me tell you how to find your home,” he added. Koh went on to describe the simple interface of 99.co when searching for a place in Singapore.

“I heard you were looking for an office space near Facebook,” said Koh. “Don’t worry! At 99.co, we can help you with all of your property needs.”

Then the director of sales presented his challenge to Nas Daily. “If you can find your home only through 99.co, I will cover your three months rental in Singapore.”

“So Nas, Challenge accepted?”

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The footnote to 99.co’s challenge added, “Considering how expensive housing can be in Singapore, the total amount will be capped to $15k. We can work out the rest.”

Within hours, Dear Alyne replied and accepted the challenge.

Photo: Facebook screengrab

the video challenge below:

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Nas is set to arrive at Singapore by April 20 and will be hiring around five other individuals for the Nas Daily Media Company. He will be holding an EntrePass which allows him to work and begin a business in Singapore.Follow us on Social Media

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