Business & Economy Startups 8 reasons to check out this Hong Kong fintech white paper

8 reasons to check out this Hong Kong fintech white paper




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Hong Kong is one of the most important finance centers in Asia, so how does that translate to its fintech sector?

Don’t need convincing? Download the White Paper here.

Hong Kong is home to the premiere financial sector in Asia. It is a global hub for the world’s biggest banks and the Hang Seng index is a premiere stock exchange.

This means the city has the potential to have a vibrant fintech ecosystem. But what is the reality? A new white paper hopes to answer these questions.

1. Understand the FinTech ecosystem in Hong Kong

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The White Paper explains how the FinTech evolution is characterised by a fusion of finance and technology and has become an engine of growth for global financial markets and economies.

FinTech accelerates change and disruption due to technological innovation such as Blockchain, AI/Machine Learning, Big Data Analysis and Cloud Computing.

2. Keep up to date with FinTech milestones and trends

The White Paper includes FinTech Startup Milestones, Global FinTech Unicorns, Hong Kong Startups that have fundraised and Growing startups to watch out for.

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There is also a special focus on the evolution of four Hong Kong homegrown FinTech unicorns:

  • AirWallex (raised US$202 million)
  • BitMEX(trading history of over US$34 billion worth of Bitcoin since its launch),
  • TNG FinTech Group (raised $115 million in Series A, the largest series A investment for a FinTech company)
  • WeLab (raised US$425 million).

Also, the White Paper provides extensive information and data about opportunities within the FinTech market across Asia and the region.

3. Get an overview on Hong Kong’s position as a global leader

The White Paper provides an overview of the contributing factors in the ecosystem that have solidified Hong Kong’s position as a leading global Financial Hub and its evolution into a competitive FinTech Hub.

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Contributing factors include the strength of its financial sectors, a strong talent pool, Hong Kong’s position as a gateway to regional and Mainland China markets, the regulatory framework, as weak as many other variables.

4. Get an in-depth look at FinTech sectors and technology

The White Paper also offers readers an in-depth look at the various FinTech sectors and their underlying technologies and applications within the market.

It also includes a comprehensive FinTech map that illustrates and categorises 290 Hong Kong FinTech startups according to their relative sectors (WealthTech, Payments, RegTech, Cryptocurrency, Insurtech and Others).

5. Get to know the FinTech synergies

The roots of Hong Kong’s active FinTech sector are not only found in the city’s supportive ecosystem, but the HKSAR Government has also been gearing up for the evolution of the FinTech era.

The White Paper outlines the various Government programs, regulations and policies that have been guiding these government initiatives to further develop Hong Kong as a sustainable and powerful FinTech Hub.

6. Stay up to date on FinTech initiatives in Hong Kong

In addition to the government initiatives, the White Paper presents the dynamic FinTech synergies that are unfolding with corporates, startups and incumbents in various financial and technological sectors.

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These parties have a symbolic relationship and their various sets of competitive advantages and challenges create win-win collaboration and partnerships in the dynamic FinTech arena.

7. Get to know the community builders and influencers

Similarly, startups are also strongly supported by community builders that unite together with startups to drive the FinTech ecosystem.

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Accordingly, as this is an integral part of the development of a startup, WHub’s White Paper contains an extensive list of community builders, entrepreneurs, industry experts and investors.

8. A comprehensive list of FinTech Associations and Events

Last, but not least, the White Paper contains a list of FinTech Associations and events in Hong Kong, including FTAHK, SCC, HKIFA, FTSIG, Hong Kong FinTech Week and many others so you never have to miss out!

Download the White Paper here.

Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

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