Lifestyle 5 fresh interior design and home decor trends for 2021

5 fresh interior design and home decor trends for 2021

As we sleep, eat, relax and now work in our homes, comfort is paramount, here are some fresh ideas to jazz up your home




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Singapore – Last year, we spent a lot more time in our homes than we planned to, thanks to the pandemic, but it made us realize that home is truly where the action happens. We sleep, eat, relax and now work in our homes, so they’d better be comfortable, set-up to suit our needs and be a reflection of our personalities.

Practical yet comfortable upgrades, multi-purpose furniture, designs that call to mind distant lands and expressions of joy are only some of the interior design and home decor trends that experts say will be buzzing this 2021.

Distant lands and global travel

Image credits: This Moroccan-inspired layout will certainly soothe no-travel blues/Noelia Martinez Facebook

The pandemic has kept us home-bound, and it’s no secret that we long for a life of freedom, where we can travel and explore at our leisure. The experts at Homes and Gardens note that this design trend will be everywhere in 2021, and Paula Sutton of Hill House Vintage predicts “a return to a global inspiration within interiors, where our spaces reflect our travels, the sea and distant shores”.

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Missing out on exotic locations and adventures? Call upon your favourite travel haunts as inspiration for your interiors and mix cultural designs with contemporary elements for a fresh look. Whether its chic French charm, laid-back and colourful tropical vibes, safari-themed African design or a Moroccan-inspired setting that you go for, your home can be an exciting destination in itself.

Bring the outdoors in

Image credits: House plants and letting in a lot of natural light will make your home reflect the outdoors/The Design Files Facebook

While this one is by no means a new trend, it’s more applicable to our lives now. Underlining the fact that people haven’t been able to venture out as much, thanks to pandemic restrictions, bringing elements of the outdoors inside your home brings a soothing effect to the soul.

Designer Nike Onile of Toronto-based spacial design firm Ode told Refinery29 that finding ways to “bring natural, organic elements into your home” is “almost healing”. Some ideas to bring the outdoors in include bringing in houseplants to brighten your home and purify the air, installing bigger windows and more glass to let natural light into the home, and going for rustic, raw and unpainted wooden surfaces.

Reflect happiness

Image credits: Design by Iiro A. Ahokas aims to channel the “Joy of Design” in this colourful and bold scene/Iiro A. Ahokas Facebook

After what we have all went through (and are still going through), we deserve to feel joy and delight when we’re in our homes. The experts at Architectural Digest predict that designs which celebrate happiness will be big in 2021. We’re talking bright colours, joyful patterns and bold designs that invoke decidedly unapologetic merriment.

While some might prefer a more subdued colour palette, you can still express joy through home decor and art pieces of your choice. Happiness is personal, after all, and that’s what your home should be—a reflection of what makes you smile.

Invest in multi-functional furniture

Image credits: This desk folds up to reveal a framed chalkboard/Ebern Designs

As well know, a couch doesn’t just have to be a couch, it can be a bed, too. A drinks cart can also serve as a plant trolley or a lunch table. A bench seat can also double as storage. Multi-use, practical furniture is the future of design and can make your home more efficient and comfortable and less cluttered.

An example is the Treanor floating desk with hutch (pictured above). This space-saving piece balances both style and function and would be perfect for a small yet stylish home office. Done with work? The desk folds away to reveal a framed chalkboard for doodling or writing reminders on at home. Multi-functional furniture fits in with the direction our lives are going in and can serve as interesting conversation and inspiration pieces, too.

Showcase your personality

Image credits: Personally, I like the look of Spanish tiles. It reminds me of the house I grew up in and reflects my love for intricate patterns and colour/1,000,000 Ideas & Products Facebook

This is the trend that goes against other trends—at the end of the day, regardless of what’s in vogue in the interior design scene, this is all about what appeals to you as a person. Design is personal, and there’s no place that’s more personal than your home. Choosing different wall treatments, picking your favourite colours or selecting particular pieces of decor are a few ways you can personalise your interiors.

There’s no time like the present for your home to reflect who you are. Mexico City–based hospitality brand Casai head designer Alexa Backal says that people need avenues of self-expression “after almost a year of holding back on social interactions”, noting that folks are “seeking ways to show their personalities in every corner of their home”. One particular nook we can improve and personalise is the home office, where those of us who work from home spend most of our time.


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