Asia Malaysia 1MDB issues not discussed with irrelevant parties: Swiss AG

1MDB issues not discussed with irrelevant parties: Swiss AG




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The Office of the Attorney General of (OAG) denied that it discussed confidential matters regarding the 1MDB scandal with any individuals.

The response from the OAG is in reply to ’s request for clarification on a Swiss citizen claiming to have had such discussions with the Swiss AG.

The Independent carried a report yesterday on claims by Sarawak Report that it was duped into taking part in a pro-Malaysian government seminar on 1MDB,

Replying to the inquiry, the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland stressed that “at no point did any discussion of take place between OAG representatives and the said person.”

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It further said the claims by the person is not founded.

“The claim that OAG representatives disclosed confidential information to the said person is false and has no foundation whatsoever.”

Sarawak Report, the blog that officially broke the scandalous 1MDB story said on Wednesday that it might have been the victim of a Malaysian government’s ‘Black Ops’ in England.

Along with the blog’s editor Claire Rewcastle Brown, the major opposition parties in Malaysia was also conned believing an event held in Switzerland was an open forum to discuss critical issues related to 1MDB and its harmful impacts.

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In a lengthy detail of the what it called the ‘undercover ops’ headed by a PR firm close to the Barisan Nasional (BN) government in Malaysia, the Sarawak Report editor narrates the facts and pins the blame on Malaysian Minister Najib Razak.

It said the stint took place at the University of Geneva in Switzerland and was hosted by its ‘Observatory on Security” (OUS), part of the university’s Global Studies Institute and the Vice-President of OUS, Nicolas Giannakopoulos said he was working for the Swiss Attorney General.

Giannakopoulos also said the Swiss AG promised to feed him with updates on the handling of the 1MDB case, and he insisted to the Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle Brown, that he will in distributing the seized funds from the 1MDB scandal in Switzerland to good use in Malaysia!Follow us on Social Media

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