SINGAPORE: More than 15,000 tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and innovators from across the globe are set to converge on Singapore for the upcoming Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology (SWITCH), organized by Enterprise Singapore.

The event which is considered a leading startup festival and is expected to feature a wide range of activities, from in-depth discussions on sustainable development to groundbreaking advancements in healthcare. The event is gearing up to foster cross-border collaboration, co-innovation, and in-depth discussions in the tech sector.

This year’s SWITCH will set new records, with over 15,000 attendees and an impressive lineup of over 300 speakers and 350 exhibitors from nearly 20 countries. These figures demonstrate the growing importance of Singapore as a hub for tech innovation and development.

A noteworthy addition to this year’s programme is the outdoor event, “SWITCH @ one-north”, where start-up companies and innovation infrastructure in Singapore’s bustling tech ecosystem will be showcased.

Key Highlights at SWITCH

SWITCH Beyond will be the sectoral thought leadership stage, where industry heavyweights will discuss prominent issues, focusing on generative artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications across various industries.

The first day of the conference will concentrate on “Accessible Healthcare in Asia,” featuring discussions led by global business leaders, healthcare providers, and academic industry experts, including Dr Charles Bruce from Mayo Clinic and Mr Lim Wai Mun from teledoctor platform Doctor Anywhere.

On the second day, SWITCH will shift its focus to “The Green Transition and Net-Zero in Asia”, with experts from multinational corporations and industry practitioners discussing decarbonizing supply chains and Asia’s path toward achieving its Green Transition goals.

The SWITCH Global stage will feature Market Access sessions covering 14 markets, offering insights on market-specific trends and business collaboration opportunities. With close to 30 global exhibition booths, participants can network and establish new market-access partnerships.

The SLINGSHOT stage will feature dedicated content for tech startups, with startup founders sharing their experiences and investors providing insights on capturing new opportunities in the tech landscape.

SWITCH 2023 introduces a Play Zone, offering participants an immersive experience of the metaverse through Web 3.0 and Extended Reality gaming. Leading technology and gaming companies will showcase how technologies like generative AI and blockchain are shaping the future of gaming.

This year, SWITCH @ one-north offers a hands-on and interactive experience of Singapore’s innovation ecosystem. Participants can interact with more than 25 startups and explore robotics, drones, and Web 3.0 solutions.

SWITCH will also host ten co-located partner events, covering various aspects of technology and innovation, fostering new collaborations and discussions in AI governance, circular economy, sustainable urban living, and more.

SWITCH 2023 is poised to be a game changer, solidifying Singapore’s position as a global tech hub and fostering international collaboration in the ever-evolving world of technology. With record-breaking attendance, an array of discussions, and innovative showcases, this year’s event promises to be a remarkable experience for technology enthusiasts and industry leaders.