Entertainment Arts 10 years of marriage leaves no room for temptation for Fann Wong...

10 years of marriage leaves no room for temptation for Fann Wong and Christopher Lee

The veteran actress revealed that she doesn't mind when Christopher has to get intimate with a co-star for a show.




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Celebrity couple Fann Wong and Christopher have enjoyed 10 years of marital bliss while others struggle to find love.

Despite spending a large amount of time in showbiz surrounded by good-looking people, they are not straying from each other.

Christopher Lee, 48 said, “When you have a happy and complete family, naturally, you won’t be tempted.” in an interview with Lianhe Zaobao.

He continued on to say that a couple must learn to trust each other and make your partner feel secure.

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He explained: “No matter where I am, I’ll never be dining or out alone with another woman unless it’s for work. I love to socialise but after getting married, I feel like I have to change.”

Fann also revealed that Christopher is actually the more ‘needy’ one of the pair.

The 48-year-old ah jie said: “When he was working in Taiwan previously, he would video call me to let me know his itinerary for the day immediately after waking up and brushing his teeth.

“Conversely, I’m not like that so he used to get a little mad at me.”

The veteran actress doesn’t mind when Christopher has to get intimate with a co-star for a show.

“I understand because I’m an actor too and it doesn’t bother me at all. I have to respect him as an actor,” she said.

Does Christopher feel jealous when Fann gets too cosy with a male co-star?

He replied: “If it bothers me, it means I’m not professional enough.”

So what is the secret to their happy marriage having crossed the 10-year mark?

The romance between Fann Wong and Christopher Lee started when they were paired up as lovers for the 1998 drama The Return of the Condor Heroes.

So if you think about it, they’ve actually been romantically linked for more than 20 years.

According to the pair — who are kind of like Singapore’s own George and Amal Clooney — communication is key, and as Fann put it, it’s like a phone which you must constantly upgrade.

She told the Chinese daily: “Communication is important. Just like how you would upgrade your phone, communication is how you ‘upgrade’ your marriage.”

She added that it’s essential to acknowledge and accept your partner’s flaws so it doesn’t cause too much of a problem in the future.

Christopher agreed, stating that one should not just focus on the flaws and if a problem gets too serious, couples should discuss it amongst themselves in a casual manner.

Showing gratitude for what your spouse has done is also an integral piece of the puzzle as Christopher is very aware of how much Fann has sacrificed for the family.

“I’m very grateful for the sacrifice she has made for the family. She still wants to work but she’s also conscious of the sacrifices she has to make for our child,” he said.

Fann added: “I’m very happy to have a husband who is ‘crazy’ and carefree. He loves our family and he never lets me worry. Someone like that is hard to come by.”






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