Wild boar wanders into Selangor mosque and attacks worshipper


A worshipper at the Sungai Plong Mosque at Selangor, Malaysia, was injured yesterday (7 Mar) when a wild boar wandered into the mosque and charged at worshippers.

According to imam Ungku Ahmad Hazwan Ungku Kamarudin, worshippers had gathered to perform prayers around 8.30pm when the boar entered the mosque and charged at worshippers, injuring one worshipper – a Rohingya man – in the neck.

Some worshippers managed to chase the beast out of the premises but it charged at two stationary motorbikes, causing the bikes to fall over. The beast was finally shot dead by a worshipper who owned a shotgun.

According to the imam, almost the entire interior of the mosque and the verandah had been soiled by the boar. Officers from the Selangor Mufti Department are believed to have visited the mosque today to decide on the cleansing of the house of worship. Prayers are being held in the unstained area of the mosque, in the meantime.

The Sungai Plong Police Station reportedly rendered assistance to the mosque. Sungai Buloh District Police chief Supt SSomu confirmed the incident to reporters but added that no report was lodged: “A police team went to the mosque to take charge during the incident. A Rohingya man was found to have been injured but he did not make a police report.”

Wild boar shot dead after entering a mosque in Sungai Buloh

Posted by Dalbinder Singh Gill on Tuesday, 6 March 2018