Video of “ghost” entering Singapore server room and causing mischief goes viral

An alleged ghost sighting that was reportedly caught on camera at a Singapore computer server room has been going viral online.

In the video, surveillance footage shows a “presence” entering a room and causing mischief, like throwing objects and opening and closing a macbook in the room. Curiously, CCTV footage showing the other side of the door appears to show that the door is not being manipulated by someone on the other side:

Ghost in Singapore server room

<Reader Contribution>Ghost visiting server room in Singapore? Scared bo?

Posted by All Singapore Stuff on Wednesday, 12 September 2018


The video was originally posted online by Facebook page Ghost, Paranormal And Other Weird Worlds on 17 Aug 2018. The video quickly received 37,000 views on social media.

The video has been circulating once again on Facebook, with another Facebook page garnering an additional 25,000 views after it re-posted the video yesterday.

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