Video: Madonna performed the banned 'Holy Water' segment in the Philippines


With about 80 percent of its over 100 million population being Catholics, the Roman Catholic Church has for centuries been a powerful force in the country. Like the Catholic Church in Singapore, the archbishop of the Catholic Church in Philippines too urged its followers to boycott the concert of the pop superstar Madonna.

But unlike the media regulators of Singapore which slapped the pop-star’s performance here with an R18 rating, effectively barring those under 18 years of age from attending the concert, the government regulators of Philippines placed no such restrictions on the Rebel Heart 2016 concert of Madonna’s.

On top of the R18 rating, the Media Development Authority of Singapore has further censored a segment in the Rebel Heart routine. Madonna will not be permitted to perform the ‘Holy Water’ segment of her album in Singapore.

Madonna performed the segment banned in Singapore in the Philippines a few days ago. Madonna climbed a stripper pole shaped like a crucifix with dancers dressed like nuns, and this is what the superstar’s fans in Singapore will miss out on.
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The 57-year-old entertainer did sold-out shows on Wednesday and Thursday in the capital of the Philippines, Manila. She however faces a possible ban in the Philippines for disrespecting its flag in her concerts this week. The country’s law prohibits the wearing of the Philippine flag “in whole, or in part, as a costume or uniform”.

Madonna did not forget the less fortunate children during her visit to the capital of the Philippines as well. She visited the Bahay Tulyan Foundation which helps street children.