PA celebrated Singlish as part of national identity

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“Using Singlish will make it harder for Singaporeans to learn and use standard English.” – Chang Li Lin, press secretary to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, New York Times 2016.

Do you all remember National Day Parade 2015?

Singlish was glamourised on the national stage, in front of thousands, and the Prime Minister, in big bright neon signs. “Something that is truly Singaporean – Singlish”, said the commentator.

And guess who celebrated Singlish as part of our national identity?

Why, it was the People’s Association!

And who is the chairman of the People’s Association?

Why, it is the Prime Minister himself!

But now the Prime Minister’s press sec say don’t speak Singlish wor. Wah lau eh!

PM pattern anyhow chute oso can one ah?

Farny not? Damn farny lah.

Here, see for yourself:
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