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Nanyang Girls’ High student defends teacher who only unbuttoned the shirt of one student to check bra straps




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A student at Nanyang Girls’ High School has defended a teacher who was accused of pulling the bra straps of pupils at a routine uniform check at the school.

Nanyang Girls’ High School mandates that its students wear white or beige undergarments since their uniforms are white. According to the Chinese daily, a female teacher pulled the bra straps of students to check if the colour of the bra straps were in line with school regulations during a uniform inspection, last Tuesday.

The Chinese daily reported that there was backlash against the teacher for her conduct. One parent wrote to the publication and asserted that the students should not have been subjected to such “inappropriate” conduct since all the previous checks were done visually.

Some students also took to social media and complained about the same teacher who pulled and snapped their one of their bra straps. The students further revealed that those who did not wear undergarments according to the rules were punished by being made to sit outside the classroom.

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The school administration subsequently apologised to all parents and guardians and said that the teacher involved personally apologised to the affected students, as well.

One student, however, has asserted that the incident was not as bad as the media made it out to be and that the teacher involved is kind and well-liked among students.

In a comment that has since gone viral, with over 1,000 reactions, Aurora Woo added that the teacher only unbuttoned the shirt of one student to check the colour of her bra straps:

A parent of a student at the school chimed in and agreed that the media over-exaggerated the incident. She added that she will “continue to support, believe & trust the school”:

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