Lim Tean calls for Opposition parties to join in an alliance, just like Malaysia’s Pakatan Harapan

Photo: YouTube screengrab

During a luncheon at the premises of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP), former National Solidarity Party (NSP) Chief Lim Tean expressed his hope for opposition parties to join together.

He expressed hope “that in the very near future, all the relevant Opposition parties in Singapore will be able to join together in a real partnership and alliance”.

Mr Lim also pledged – on behalf of People’s Voice, a party that he forms – total commitment to the greater cooperation of the Opposition parties in Singapore.

During his speech at SDP’s working lunch yesterday, he also said that an opposition coalition was a “global wind as seen in the phenomena of Brexit, Bernie Sanders, Trump, Corbyn and now Pakatan Harapan”, and it was something that should come as no surprise to Singapore as well.

He added, “Those who try to suggest that what happened in the West and now Malaysia cannot possibly happen in Singapore are myopic and in denial”.

As part of his speech, party leader of People’s Voice (pending approval) called for opposition parties to be real partners and not in name only.

He told his counterparts; “We must realise that in such an alliance and partnership, the problems of my alliance members are also my party’s problems and that our futures are inextricably tied to one another.

He ended his speech with the hope of offering change to better the lives of Singaporeans, and concluded that “the Opposition must set our sails to catch this wind of change and bring hope and a better life to our Citizens”.