JC teen claims Coffee Bean discriminates against students with ‘No studying’ policy


A 17-year-old junior college student wrote an open letter as to why The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf should do away with their ‘No studying’ policy.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf implemented the policy against students studying in their premises around 2009, saving its seats for actual customers who as less likely to occupy their premises for long hours, as compared to students studying.

However, this move did not go down well with a student known as ChanRic, said, “I feel that the sign is actually discriminatory against students, especially when the peak period for customers is on (even during the national exam period).”

He also added, “A better solution would be to encourage The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf staff to remove ‘no studying’ signboards in all of its outlets, especially when there are not enough seats available for students there or at other food shops or restaurants”.

According to ChanRic, many others felt the same way and have already passed on their feedback to the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

ChanRic’s sentiments were rather unpopular, it seemed, as netizens disagreed with him all round, citing that students like him were rather inconsiderate.