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Indranee Rajah refutes account that she was spurned by a “true blue Singaporean” during Tiong Bahru market walkabout




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Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office Indranee Rajah has refuted an allegation that she was spurned by a man claiming to be a “true blue Singaporean” during a walkabout at Tiong Bahru market yesterday.

The Minister had been responding to Facebook user Kelvin Ling’s post that claimed that a senior man who was approached by the Minister at the market yesterday not only rejected Indranee’s attempt to talk but also called out the Government over rising costs.

The post alleges that the man who Indranee approached bluntly told her that he doesn’t care who she is and that he does not want to be disturbed as he has his meal. To this, Indranee allegedly asked whether the man was a Singaporean or Malaysian.

The post then claims that the man responded, “I am a born and bred true blue Singaporean and I am in deep thoughts about the second tranche of water price increase of 15 per cent and the 6.9 per cent of electricity tariffs increases starting today.”

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“Watched earnestly by the crowd, she clumsily hurried away,” the alleged eyewitness wo wrote the post claimed with regards to Indranee:

Taking to Facebook, Indranee clarified that she was indeed turned away by a gentleman who did not want to be disturbed as he ate. However, she denied that the subsequent conversation where the man spoke about rising costs is true.

After rebutting the claims, Indranee added: “I have learned however not to be deterred by such online things.”


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