Ho Ching posts second pro-LGBT post within a week of sharing Pink Dot event on Facebook


Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s wife, Ho Ching, has posted another LGBT-related post on her Facebook page this evening, less than one week after she made news for sharing the Pink Dot event page on her social media wall.

This time, Ho Ching – who also serves as head of Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund Temasek Holdings – shared an article entitled ‘The colourful origins of the gay pride rainbow flag’ online, about three hours ago:

This article explains the origins of the gay pride flag – of how the symbol of the movement changed from a triangle to the rainbow it is today.

Ho Ching divided Singaporeans with her last LGBT-related post, last weekend. The post garnered swift response online, with some netizens thanking her for her support while others sharply criticised the “inappropriate” post that “only creates more division”:

Check out more reactions from Ho Ching’s controversial post here.

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  1. Perhaps someone close to her has come out of the closet… family member?
    Or maybe need to get some votes for her dearie. From the looks of things, no group should be overlooked as every vote counts.

  2. This aunty has been posting nonsensical articles of late , belittling the status of a PM’s Wife and further embarrassing the already muddled headed PM .

  3. As CEO of Temasek, we don’t hear any of her views or opinions on the national budget? Her non relevant posts prove that she is over paid but too free and easy, instead of doing actual work!

  4. Thereby showing she is the only one wearing the pants in the household. Whatever you think of her position, it’s far better than her husband’s ambiguous go with the flow waffling.

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