Health & Fitness Crowds during election results put everyone at risk: Covid-19 task force co-chairman

Crowds during election results put everyone at risk: Covid-19 task force co-chairman

Lawrence Wong urges the public to remember the fundamentals and that the pandemic is not over




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Singapore¬† — The co-chairman of the multi-ministry task force on Covid-19, Mr Lawrence Wong, replying to a media query on the large crowds that gathered to celebrate while the General Election results were being announced on July 10, urged everyone not to “abandon caution” and put the public at risk.

Speaking at a press conference on Friday (July 17) according to¬†, Mr Wong noted that the individuals who gathered while the results were being announced probably “forgot some of these (safe distancing) requirements and the moment got the better of them”.

“If we can find out who they are, and we have the means to, we might be able to identify and take them to task,” said Mr Wong, although he admitted there was quite a number involved. He added that the crowds did not stay in close contact with one another for extended periods.

Mr Wong spoke about such lapses and their corresponding consequences and how such incidents could happen at any particular moment in time. “Any time there are lapses, by any individual, there will be a consequence, potentially.” Anytime anyone decides to “abandon caution” and doesn’t abide by safe distancing measures, “they put themselves, and they put the whole country at risk”, said Mr Wong.

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While it is expected that there would be many lapses, he urged the public to remember the fundamentals and that Covid-19 is not over. He cited the resurgence of Covid-19 cases among countries that have lifted their social distancing restrictions.

“We would like very much to avoid this outcome. We are trying our very best in the task force. In the Government, all the officials are all out trying their very best to enforce the rules, to identify early any case and then to ring-fence and contain and isolate any suspect cases,” said Mr Wong. “We cannot do it on our own. We need everyone to cooperate.”

In response to his statement, members of the online community wondered why the General Election was called in the first place.


Photo: FB screengrab

Photo: FB screengrab

Meanwhile, Facebook user May Lau directed the focus to a “more urgent” issue: The packed public transport during peak hours, and asked for a solution on the matter. Others agreed and added there were more pressing issues that should be promptly addressed.

Photo: FB screengrab

Photo: FB screengrab


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