Chief Operations Officer of SMRT Trains arrested for drink driving at Woodlands Checkpoint

SMRT’s chief operations officer for rail was arrested at Woodlands Checkpoint this morning for drink driving. One of the group’s top executives, 50-year-old Alvin Kek was just promoted to chief operations officer for rail from his former post as senior vice-president for rail operations two months ago, on 1 Feb 2018.

Kek, who has been working for SMRT since 2013, presently oversees rail operations along the North-South and East-West Lines, the Circle Line and the Bukit Panjang LRT network. Prior to his employment with SMRT, he was a colonel and a chief engineering officer with the Singapore Armed Forces, where he spent 14 years.

SMRT’s vice-president for corporate communications Margaret Teo told reporters: “This matter is currently under police investigation. It is not appropriate for the company to comment as it concerns a personal matter. We request that the privacy of our staff, especially under the circumstances of his recent bereavement, be respected.” It is believed that Kek’s father passed away recently.

The police would only say that the arrest of a 50-year-old took place at 5am at Woodlands Checkpoint but declined to release further details. Investigations are ongoing.


  1. Don’t worry lah. There are plenty more paper generals of his ‘caliber’ in SAF for SMRT to select from to replace him if necessary. Maybe the prerequisites must be tightened up to include ‘must be able to hold his liquor’ for the replacement COO.

  2. Is the SMRT in reality the rail command under the purview of the SAF transport division with so many ex military men in its management structure?

    • It is not a matter of fairness but a matter of breaking the law.
      Enforcement officers do not know him upon arrest. A later check revealed his identity.

    • Hahaha, an explanation has already been built for his drink driving. Let’s await the fairness of the system, I shall not be biased n comment no further.

  3. From Rail Trouble to Real Trouble.

    Condolence to his recent bereavement.


    Set up? Gotta change another dynasty of with NKH taking over D?


  4. Lol!!! No wonder the SMRT so mabok! Makes one wonder what other high jinx these ex soldiers turn transport titans are up to up the tracks out of public view!

  5. Many of us also encountered demised of our loved ones. He is 50 years old leh , I feel he should be mature enough to know that no matter how much we grief …it is not an excuse to drink and drive lorh . Aiyo how could a so high post officer in a public transport coy committed such an offence .

  6. Margaret Teo, if it’s his privacy that you are concerned about, don’t in the same breath, mention his recent bereavement (perhaps you intend it to be a mitigating factor?)! Communications 101!

  7. Ask him where did he go to? Which ktv/prostitute den ?

    Can I also volunteer to do the job, only asking for 1.3 million salary, same same as the ceo?

  8. Too bad that SMRT has such a high ranking scholar who indulges in drinking at odd hours. Give him a chance, to repent

  9. This is called Leading By Example.. oops no, is called Do Anything you Want but don’t get Caught.. (unless you got “somebody” to cover you)

  10. This is the problem of deploying these paper generals to area not related to what they have been trained for. But it seems like the pap is still not willing to accept this fact, to continue to nominate another paper general to be their new CEO

  11. With so many crabs in SMRT we sure getting a lot crabs from them. The incoming CEO sure going 2 bring in more his own crabs into SMRT. I keep wondering what crab experiences in the army are revelant to take up senior positions in rail industry. But when come to junior positions, they are so strict to insist the applicants should have relevant rail experiences.

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