Another taxi driver cheated of fare and abused by FT

An online publication All Singapore Stuff (ASS) shared a video of a taxi-driver being abused by a woman in its Facebook. The woman spoke in heavily accented English and verbally abused the cabbie. An angmo is seen trying to pacify the angry woman.

The woman can be heard yelling, “I am going to kill him” in the video. She even tried to kick him. At one point, the cabbie said that he was hit by the woman and she admitted to doing it.

ASS credited the video to Boo Guan, and claimed that the female passenger did not want to pay full $6 taxi fare before getting into a fight with taxi driver.

The person who was taking the video (presumably the cabby)  said that he was going to make her famous online, to which she replied that “it’s f**king two dollar.” She later tells him that she will pay him $4 and “her husband (angmo in video) will go to seven eleven to get more two dollar”.

But she later changed her mind and walked off, saying, “I don’t care”.

This is the second prominent case of foreigners who allegedly cheated taxi drivers of their rightful fares. Yesterday (24 Oct), another taxi driver claimed that he was cheated by a woman. Netizens claimed that that alleged cheater works in senior management in a foreign bank based in Singapore (