Aloysius Pang’s ashes scattered at sea, parents say: He is liberated now

Photo: Facebook screengrab/ Dasmond Koh

The ashes of Aloysius Pang were scattered at on the afternoon of January 28, Monday. His manager, Dasmond Koh, posted this on both Facebook and Instagram, saying that his parents wish to convey that their son “is liberated now.”

At around noon, Pang’s ashes were scattered in the waters near Pulau Ubin.

Noontalk Media, Koh’s company, posted a translation in English of the manager’s words, which read.

Aloysius 冯伟衷’ parents would like me to convey this: He is liberated now.

We sailed across the calm waters on this cloudy afternoon.
At a spot near Pulau Ubin, we saw you descend slowly into the sea. 
This is the final farewell.
You wouldn’t want to trouble anyone. 
It’s so you the easy-going boy, as always. 
Thank you for trusting me, and for working so hard in the last few years.
As you begin your free-spirited adventure, remember to wait for me. 


All posts have been reacted to, shared and commented on by thousands of netizens, as a testament to how deeply Singaporeans have been moved by the young actor’s death.

Pang, who had succumbed on January 23 to the grievous injuries sustained while training in New Zealand, was a Corporal First Class in Singapore’s National Service, with the 268th Battalion Singapore Artillery. Over 500 soldiers had participated in the training in New Zealand, where Pang was assigned as an armament technician.

Thousands of people attended his two-day wake last weekend, held at Macpherson Lane, after which he was given the full honors of a military funeral. His remains were cremated on Sunday at Mandai Crematorium. Fellow actors, as well as politicians, have expressed their sorrow at his passing, as well as condolences to his bereaved family.

Since Pang’s death was the fourth training-related fatal incident in the last year and four months, a Committee of Inquiry has been called for to investigate the incident surrounding the actor’s untimely demise. There has also been a safety timeout for all branches of the army, plus reduced training for servicemen.

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