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Acts of kindness: Whampoa hawker before having his dinner gives prime part of roast duck to elderly cleaner




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Singapore – Posted on his Facebook profile, Daniel Koh shares how a hawker at Whampoa Hawker Centre gives away the best part of his dinner to an elderly cleaner.

On Friday, January 4, Facebook user Daniel Koh Kah Soon was having his dinner at the Whampoa Hawker Centre when he experienced a heart-warming gesture from a hawker to a centre cleaner.

The stall operator, whom Koh calls “The Oyster Man”, was seen busy doing preparations for the dinner crowd when an elderly man with a cleaning trolley stopped in front of the Fried Oyster Omelette stall. The Oyster man signaled to the old cleaner offering him his dinner of roast duck located in a box on the table. The cleaner took a plate and picked up three or more pieces of drumsticks. The stall-keeper who sells Thai food beside the Fried Oyster Omelette stall teased the man for choosing the best parts of the roast duck. Feeling embarrassed, the old man looked to the Oyster man to make sure if it was alright for him to get the drumsticks. The latter merely smiled and gently waved his hand reassuring the old man that he didn’t mind at all.

The roast duck was the Oyster man’s dinner which he gladly shared with the elderly cleaner without a second thought. He started eating his dinner peacefully after the cleaner leaves.

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Koh, curious at what was left in the box, takes a look and saw some meat but there were no drumsticks left. He glances at Mr. Oyster man who was quietly eating his dinner while informing customers that his stall was going to open in 10 minutes.

Koh adds, “When we open our eyes, we can still see acts of kindness from unexpected places. That’s when we are reminded of the presence of grace and generosity.”

He continues the post by saying that he did the write-up on his own free will and it wasn’t sponsored in any way. He promotes the stall even though he does not eat oysters.

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The online community was quick to share their praise and best wishes to the hawker with many adding the stall to their list of places to eat.

Photo: Facebook screengrab

Photo: Facebook screengrab

Photo: Facebook screengrab

Photo: Facebook screengrab

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